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Super foods for a healthy brain

  SUPER FOODS FOR A HEALTHY BRAIN Lack of exercise, pollution, poor sleep, genetics, aging, and a poor diet can all be detrimental for your brain health. However, it is possible to prevent and revert this situation, starting with food. There are foods that can help you have a healthy, young, strong brain and a more active memory. MSN

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9 things Only Women Over 40 Know

 THE THINGS ONLY WOMEN OVER 40 KNOW Getting older gets a bum rap. Sure, when you cross the threshold into your 40s, your wrinkles become more pronounced, your hangovers get a little more intense, and your menstrual cycle may start to get a little wacky.

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What actually causes body odor?

Stress makes the body sweat and smell. Our body has two types of sweat glands: 1. Acne glands that exist in all parts of the body. The task of these glands is to cool the body. the bacteria on the skin smell it. These types of sweat are usually created during stress

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