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Things we don’t do anymore because of technology

The fun of seeing friends and family on weekends has become a video and text chat. Of course, some people believe that modern technology has made relationships better and more effective, but it still does not have the emotional impact of face-to-face relationships.

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10 examples of ancient wonders in ancient Egypt

There are numerous evidences that prove that ancient Egyptians produced and used toothpaste around 5,000 BC. They were made of a special powder made from a mixture of several different materials used to wash their mouths and teeth. One can mention the burnt egg shell and marble.It is noteworthy that modern humans do not have a proper knowledge of the ...

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The reasons of the sounds produced in the body

As you lift up, the air bubbles that are created inside this fluid will shake and the sound will be generated. This sound is seen especially on the neck and shoulders, because in these areas bone structure is more suitable for this subject. This sound is produced especially when you break the digestion of your fingers. This habit, of course, ...

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