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Top Highest Paid YouTube Stars of 2015

Every one of those ten YouTube stars, according to a report posted by Forbes in October 2015, will make over $2 million a year off of their videos.A woman who has shared her baking experiences with the world. The makeup artist who has become an international sensation. The young man who once thought it would be fun to post videos ...

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Some Annoying Habits People Should Avoid Doing in Public

Texting while walking/driving/talking to someone Needless to remind you what can possibly happen when you try to text and do other activities side by side. Contrary to common belief texting actually requires all your attention. Texting while talking to someone face-to-face is rude. Moreover not only people get injured owing to this reckless habit but even die. We often come ...

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The Biggest Celebrity Breakups

The Big Bang Theory star announced that she was divorcing from her tennis player husband in September 2015 after 21 months of marriage. The two tied the knot on Dec. 31, 2013, after just three months of dating.

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