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Donald Trump’s Spouses

First Wife : Ivana Trump  (1977-1992) Ivana Marie Trump (; February 20, 1949) is a Czech-Americansocialite and former fashion model, known for her marriage to American business magnate, Donald Trump.It was in New York that Ivana met Donald Trump, son of prominent real estate developer Fred Trump. On April 7, 1977, she married Donald in a lavish society wedding. Donald ...

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Sam Center, A Different Island in Heart of Tehran

Piquadro – Bags and Handbags Piquadro is an Italian brand of tech-design accessories for business travelers. An unprecedented combination of cutting-edge design and smart functionality makes every Piquadro item truly unique as well as the perfect place to carry your laptop safely and stylishly.

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Wear Blue on World Autism Awareness Day – April 2nd

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Mozart is said to have had repeated facial expressions and was in need of constant motion of his hands and feet. His hearing was also very sensitive. By studying letters between the musician and his family, historians have shared that one day Mozart was having a bit of a bored moment so he jumped up and hurdled ...

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