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Iranian actors with the makeup of political figures

Among the figures that shone in political roles, Jafar Dehghan can be featured in the Shaman-e Shah series with the role and grim Reza Shah. Ja’far Dehqan was shining in the role of Reza Shah in the series of the ancient land and the mystery of the Shah, which he believes is one of the most similar to Reza Shah.

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images of women protesting hijab in Iran

Hengameh Golestan is one of the women of Iran’s leading photographer, who has recorded a memorable moment in Iran for 28 years with his camera. He has taken many photos of women and children, family life, wedding celebrations and everyday life in Iran.

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Science interpretations for sleep

Cause: As usual, at bed time, we have a feline so that we do not sleep or do other things. In a state of sleep palsy, the muscles of the body are broken, but the brain is awake. About 7% of people have experienced at least one sleep disturbance. This happens more when we lie back.

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