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ridiculous restrictions that exist only in North Korea

Koreans also have the internet, but they seem to be just like the internet. The North Korean Internet is called Kwangmyong, the Korean equivalent of its “brilliant star”, and has access to a handful of sites that already have censorship on them. This network is only available to important government offices and internet cafes.

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How was traditional dress of Iranian women?

Gilani women; Hedged and colorful skirts Scarves and Sardan (Lechak) Shirts or Cats, Jackets, Skirts, Shilti, Pants and Tent Backs are the main parts of the women’s clothing of Gilan. What’s most apparent in Gilani dresses is the skirts and rivets and polycladic vests.

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Six things not to do to take you seriously over email

1-Writing Too Casually or Too Professionally: Tone is one of the most important things to understand about sending and receiving emails. If you don’t know your audience, it is easy to take on an overly casual or excessively formal tone. Either can put off your reader.

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