Royal hobbies: Surprising things Farah did during her spare time

One of the Empress Farah’s main initiatives was founding Pahlavi University, which was meant to improve the education of Iranian women, and was the first American style university in Iran; before then, Iranian universities had always been modeled on the French style. The Empress wrote in 1978 that her duties were:

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Unspoken life of haydeh and Mahasti

Hayedeh , also transcribed as Haideh or Haydeh, born as Ma’soumeh Dadehbala was an Iranian singer of Persian classical, Folk, and pop music with a contralto vocal range. She was active for more than two decades, and is considered as one of the most popular singers of 20th-century Iran.

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Eau de parfum LEILA HATAMI

Leila Hatami (born October 1, 1972) is an Iranian actress and director. She is known for her work in Iranian cinema, including her performance in the Academy Award-winning film A Separation, for which she won the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival.

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