Baghdad Mayor in Tehran

During her visit to Tehran’s District 12, Alwach visited the National Museum, Golestan Palace, Tehran bazaar, Oudlajan bazaar, and the remains of a 7,000-year-old woman discovered in southern Tehran.

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17th Hafez Award in Tehran

The nominee lists for the cinema section of the 17th edition of Iran’s Hafez Awards, as the major private awards on cinema and TV, are unveiled.

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11 Persian Sayings that Make No Sense in English

1. moosh bokhoradet While literally meaning ‘A Mouse Should Eat You’ in the Persian language, this phrase means ‘You are cute’. You’ll hear adults saying this to kids all the time (especially while pinching their cheeks). moosh bokhoré torō! is another way to say it. It’s also used when someone says something adorable- but beware, sometimes it could be used in a ...

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