7 Famous Costume design of Cinema

Some films have costumes which become famous purely because they’re so beautiful. Some are memorable for other reasons – a perfectly ordinary white halterneck became the most famous dress in history when Marilyn stood over a subway vent, proving that it really is the way you wear it that counts.

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Buildings With Special And Strange Architecture

Independence Temple is a house of worship and education that is dedicated to the pursuit of peace. It is one of the most unusual structures of the world. The charming architecture in Missouri dominates the skyline of the city. The temple is the key point of the headquarters of the Community of Christ.

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The Most Famous Streets of Iran

About 100 km (62 mi) south-west of Qazvin are the tombs of two Saljuki era princes — Abu Saeed Bijar, son of Sa’d, and Abu Mansur Iltai, son of Takin — located in two separate towers known as the Kharraqan twin towers. Constructed in 1067 CE, these were the first monuments in Islamic architecture to include a non-conic two-layered dome. ...

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