Iranian Rural Woman with International Art Exhibition ( Mokarrameh Ghanbari )

Mokarrameh Ghanbari (born in 1928 – died October 24, 2005) Was a heuristic and self made Iranian painter who won several international talent prizes.Mokarrameh was born in the village of Darikandeh between Qaem Shahr and Babol, in Mazanderan, and despite her great talent, she never received any formal training in painting.She began painting at the age of 63 when she came ...

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Hollywood Families with Unreachable Power

The Baldwin brothers are the four brothers in the American Baldwin family, each of whom has become an actor: Alec Baldwin (born 1958),Daniel Baldwin (born 1960),William “Billy” Baldwin (born 1963),Stephen Baldwin (born 1966),The documentary The Baldwin Brothers concerns them.Adam Baldwin is not related to the brothers.

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World’s bendiest woman

Zlata has a rare condition which means her tendons are extremely pliable, allowing her to adopt painful-looking positions for lengthy periods of time.

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