Iranian Actors who have changed their Gender in the movies

He played this role, except for the “Snowman”, in “I Sleep” by Reza Attar and “Sleepy” directed by Fereydoun Jirani. In the 73rd year of the Enemy Actor’s first playful role as a woman, Abdi at the Snowman first experienced the role, a new experience in Iran’s cinema that caused the film to be seized for three years.

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The strangest things made of gold

A 19kg Christmas Tree made of pure gold made in jewelry stores in Tokyo, Japan  A special Elizabeth coin made in 2011 which has a ton of weight, 80 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters thick  

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When the ladies are behind the camera lens!

She is a self taught photographer with a multi disciplined creative background. she is  originally trained in video production and found photography along the way.  enjoys the creative process behind the shoot from the initial concept to the art direction. Hugely passionate about film she has interested in story telling, light and color.  her photographic experience is quite broad, having ...

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