10 Cheapest and Best Places to Visit in South America

La Paz, Bolivia, as the biggest urban area of the cheapest country in the continent, La Paz is bound to bring a bargain or two. Travelers needn’t be rich to relish in thumping nightlife, trek among jaw-dropping mountains, or just savor the sights of this crazy high altitude city.

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8 Shocking Ways of Becoming A Man In Different Cultures

In North Dakota, a man has to follow a weird culture in Mendon tribe. Here men are tortured in this culture. To prove their manpower they have to stay hungry for the number of days. After this, their body is screwed and they are tied with ropes. The man who can survive this torcher for maximum time is included in ...

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10 celebrities who have faced to mental illness

“It’s such a major part of my life and so, so many other women’s lives,” Teigen wrote about the common condition, which affects up to one in seven women in the US. “I’m speaking up now because I want people to know it can happen to anybody and I don’t want people who have it to feel embarrassed or to feel alone.

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