Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

  Stephen Hawking is one of the most prestigious and famous figures in the world of science. The cosmologist, theoretical physicist, writer, lecturer and public figure is a major player in the world of science, space travel, quantum mechanics, and has always been very outspoken about his political views and his views on the world and climate change. But what ...

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Barbie launches collection of female role models for International Women’s Day

Mattel releases 17 new Barbie dolls to celebrate International Women’s Day To mark International Woman’s Day 2018, US toymaker Mattel has released a new range of much-anticipated Barbie dolls. Not your average Barbies, these dolls are “Sheroes” (i.e. women who are heroes), designed to give young girls a range of inspirational, positive role models (that they can eventually undress and behead once ...

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