Costa Rica, a Country Without an Army

An army is defined as an organized military force equipped for fighting on land. Every country has its army or military force to defend its sovereignty and territory, but here we´ll tell you 5 important reasons why Costa Rica has no army? Costa Rica is a particular country that doesn’t have an army, that is something that not so many ...

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Nostalgia of Iranian Actors

Filmfarsi is a cinematic term used in Iranian cinema criticism. It was coined by Iranian film critic, Hushang Kavusi. It was coined to describe low-quality films mostly copied from the Bollywood cinema and with poor plots, mostly arranged with dance and singing.

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A Clock That Did Not Work for 90 Years.

Shams-ol-Emareh is one of Tehran’s historic buildings and a remnant of the Qajar Dynasty. It is one of the most prominent buildings on the east side of Golestan Palace. It was built around 1830. It is notable for its height, decorations, and design.

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