Beautiful Iranian girls, Jews and Armenians in the Qajar Era

Antoine Sorokin called “Antoine Khan” Iranian-Georgian photographer in The time of Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar with his collection of photographs of people, places, customs, occupations, and especially Iranian ethnicities, while being one of the first Iranian photographers and in terms of artistic imagery Historically recorded, it has a special significance and credibility.

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41th Birthday of Shabnam Gholikhani’s

Shabnam Gholkhani was born in Tehran on November 19, 1976, but was surprised by friends and colleagues in the days before his birthday. While her acting mother was about a week old, her students arranged a birthday party for her and surprised her.

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interesting inventions in Japan

When it comes to inventions that no one needs, there are a lot of things in the world, some of these inventions are unique to the culture that they serve. Some inventions are exclusively American and some are German, European or even Canadian.

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