Get acquainted with the 10 obvious signs of shopping addiction

Even small purchases like a new lipstick (while you have the same lipstick in the same color) or greetings cards (while you have a country full of these cards) can be signs of addiction if they are constantly done. To buy. Because such purchases, though small, but unnecessary, indicate an inability to control spending.

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9 Fashion Items That Secretly Damage Your Health

According to recent studies, 20% of all ear piercings develop a bacterial infection. Plus, if a procedure was carried out incorrectly, it can lead to the spread of infection in the future and put your life at risk. The use of large and heavy earrings often cause damaged earlobes, a problem that requires plastic surgery to be fixed.The same thing with necklaces. A heavy one can cause neck pain and even difficult-to-treat contractures.

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10 Interesting Facts About Life of Pope

Popembil” is a machine specifically designed for pop. In the past, 12 people carried the pope with a special bed, but with the advancement of technology, that flat was replaced by a car. The special design of this car is due to the fact that the fans of the pope would like to see the pope at his time in ...

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