10 Worst Crimes To Occur In A McDonald’s

The Attack Of The Tire Iron Gang

In November 2007, a McDonald’s in Memphis, Tennessee, became the site of a grotesque turf war. On one side of the battle were the restaurant’s employees. On the other side were some seriously angry drag queens. The entire incident started when the three drag queens pulled up at the drive-through window. For some reason, the three-man party felt that the service was subpar. They tapped on the drive-through window angrily to get the manager’s attention. When that failed, they entered the store, each brandishing a tire iron. The cross-dressing assailants struck the manager, Albert Bolton, with a tire iron. He was also scratched and kicked by the attackers. The blow that sent Bolton to the hospital came when one of the drag queens hit him in the head with a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign. The last act of violence saw the three assailants smash the drive-through window to pieces. The three angry drag queens were eventually caught by Memphis police. Their names were Danny Mitchell, Lynn Gillespie, and Dacorian Greer. All three were charged with aggravated assault.