10 Ways Your Diet Should Change After 40, According To Nutritionists

“Bloating is very common during menopause, and a high-sodium diet can not only exacerbate bloating but also be a major contributor in the first place. This is where label reading is key; don't rely on how salty a food tastes,” advises Andy Bellatti, a Las Vegas-based nutritionist and the strategic director of Dietitians For Professional Integrity. “Many people don't realize, for example, that a serving of salted peanuts contains the same amount of sodium in a slice of bread or a cup of milk.” Unexpectedly, many salt-loaded offenders often lurk in the baked goods aisle. Sweet products like muffins, cookies, and breakfast cereals can be loaded with the stuff. In fact, most coffee shop muffins have as much sodium as four servings of potato chips, Bellatti cautions. Salad dressings, condiments, jarred sauces, and packaged frozen entrees are other salt-laden offenders.